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INGRID is an intimate look at a woman who left her life as a successful fashion designer and mother in Texas to become a reclusive hermit, immersed in nature, focused solely on creating art.

Hammer To Nail "A lyrical, poetic ode to its subject, 74-year-old artist Ingrid Gipson, Ingrid transcends mere portraiture and involves the viewer in an act of cinematic intimacy that is as metaphysically profound as it is visually beautiful. "

Screenanarchy: “At just under an hour, Maltz finds the perfect length to tell Ingrid's story, neither overstaying her welcome nor leaving us with too many questions. Ingrid is a intimate and fascinating portrait of an equally fascinating person, one that in many ways we might strive to be.” 

Film Threat:  “Morrisa Maltz’s stunningly beautiful portrait of this rugged individualist helps us understand why Gipson decided to retreat from her former life as a Texas fashion designer and socialite.”
“At a lean 51 minutes, the filmmaker has seen to it that every frame counts”

 Independent Magazine

Burnaway  "Meditative, thoughtful, deeply melancholy and unsettling at times, Ingrid is an existential musing on one’s place in the universe."

Slug Magazine " Ambitious, inspirational, charming and unexpected, Ingrid is not only a journey of self-exploration, but a reflection of life."




MORRISA MALTZ (director, producer) 

Morrisa Maltz is an artist and filmmaker.  She holds a BA from Columbia University where she majored in fine art.  Her work has been shown at MOCA, LA, as well as at the MCA, Santa Barbara. In 2012, she created Mofones, an art product for iphone that was sold at Urban Outfitters and Museum stores worldwide. Her first film, The Caretaker, won Best Live Action Short at the 2012 LES Film Festival in New York.  Her second short film, Odyssea premiered at Slamdance in 2014.  Most recently, her music video for DYAN's, Looking For Knives, was featured on Creator's Project/ VICE. Morrisa’s first feature documentary, Ingrid, premiered at Slamdance 2018 and she is currently in production on a narrative/doc hybrid feature, The Unknown Country, an AFS North Texas Pioneer Grant supported project.


DANIELLE FIROOZI (co-producer) Ann Arbor, MI

Danielle Firoozi received her BFA in Studio Art from New York University. After working for a variety of artists including Mike Kelley, Danielle set off to produce  her first feature film THE PROCESS IS THE THING.  Danielle's first narrative feature FARAH GOES BANG premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where it won the Norah Ephron Prize.


ANDREW HAJEK (director of photography) Dallas, TX

Andrew was born and raised in Dallas and studied at University of Oklahoma before returning home to pursue a career in commercial cinematography. Andrew’s clients since then have ranged from Mercedes to the American Heart Association. Andrew recently wrapped production in the Dallas area on ESPN’s newest 30 FOR 30.


VANARA TAING (editor) Los Angeles, CA

Vanara Taing is an editor and writer based in Los Angeles. She has edited three independent features and done additional editing work on The Lego Batman Movie and the upcoming Lego Ninjago Movie.  She earned her MFA in Editing from the American Film Institute Conservatory while on a Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans.  Her work has screened in numerous film festivals  around the world.  SAMNANG, a short she wrote, was a national narrative finalist for the Student Academy Award,  premiered at the New York Film Festival and awarded Best International Short at the 2014 Milan International Film Festival and Best Student Film at the 2014 USA Film Festival.


LAURA COWELL (additional editor) Austin, TX

Laura Colwell is an Austin based editor.  She has spent the last 5 years building a strong connection with the local film and music community.  She has worked with local directors such as Terrence Malick, Karen Skloss, and Bob Byington, as well as edited for a local production company (Megalomedia), on a docu-reality series for TLC. Most recently, she has worked on the AFS funded documentary, ALSO STARRING AUSTIN, with director Mike Blizzard.